Roger J. Rusch
President, TelAstra, Inc.

Latest News

Click here to download a copy of the Satellite Phone Comparison Study Final Report (.PDF file, ~680KB)
Click here for a short video that describes the Satphone Comparison Study
Click here to download a copy of the Comments on the Frost and Sullivan Report 30 Nov 2010 (.PDF file, ~155KB)

Consulting Services

     TelAstra, Inc. provides telecommunication satellite consulting services to investors in the business and financial aspects of the satellite telecommunications industry, service operators, component manufacturers, and system producers. Our group is a major advisor to firms that have examined or adopted private communications networks including VSATs. Typical Services include the following:

  • Investment Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Business Planning
  • Satellite and Business Appraisals
  • International Coordination
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Systems Engineering
  • Cost Modeling
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Regulatory Policy
     We perform due diligence on new satellite projects and have participated in the restructuring of acquired satellite companies. We have performed appraisals for several satellite programs.

     We perform special studies such as the Satphone Comparison Study and prepare white papers such as Comments on the Frost and Sullivan Report 30 Nov 10.

     We have been advisors to the debt holders during bankruptcies. We review developments in the satellite industry with Wall Street analysts that cover satellite related issues. We have also been advisors to several investment groups. We have published reports on investment in next generation Broadband or Multimedia Satellite Services, MSS Mobile Satellite Systems, Digital Audio Radio Satellites (DARS) and Launch Services.

     TelAstra, Inc. is a California Corporation and does business in Europe under the names The TA Group, TelA****, or Engineering Consultants, by agreement with Societe Europeene des Satellite of Luxembourg which has trademarked the name ASTRA in Europe. We write contracts in our corporate name, but do not advertise in Europe or appear in public using the name TelAstra, Inc..