Rate Structure and Terms
Effective January 1, 2002

   TelAstra, Inc. contracts for work based on hourly rates with G&A applied. However, we are prepared to contract on a fixed price basis and often sign fixed price contracts.
Professional Consulting Rates

President TBS* per hour
Senior Partner TBS* per hour
Partner TBS* per hour
Senior Associate TBS* per hour
Junior Associate TBS* per hour
Regulatory and Legal Affairs                  
TBS* per hour
Direct Clerical Support
TBS* per hour
   Off-business hours travel time will not be charged to clients.
   * A complete rate schedule with the dollar values will be supplied upon request.

   Travel Expenses: Travel expenses are billed at actual pass-though. Personal auto will be at US Internal Revenue rate of $0.35 per mile. Air travel will be at coach fare for domestic travel and business or first class for flights more than six hours duration.
   General & Administrative Expenses: A general and administrative expense fee is applied to all services to cover charges associated with billable overhead items. These items include:
   The G&A for all accounts is 10% of professional services. (It is not applied to travel.) Clients requesting itemized G&A expenses will be billed at actual expenses plus direct labor required to compile relevant usage and expenses.
   Payments are due within thirty (30) days after the invoice is issued. A surcharge of 1% per month will be applied to overdue balances.