A comprehensive resume for Roger J. Rusch is available upon request.

Roger J. Rusch, President, TelAstra, Inc.

   Mr. Rusch is a pioneer in the satellite communications industry with more than 45 years of contributions to space technology. He has been responsible for the management of all aspects of satellite manufacturing including design, systems engineering, production, testing, and business development. He has held senior positions at Hughes Space and Communications Group, Space Systems / Loral (then Ford Aerospace), and TRW. Director on the Board of COM DEV International.
  • Managed the construction and launch of INTELSAT IV satellites, including the satellite that was used to relay the first television pictures of President Nixon's visit to China in 1972.
  • First program manager and Technical Director for the highly reliable INTELSAT V series of satellites. These satellites were first launched in 1980 and were the workhorses of the fleet for more than 15 years.
Mr. Rusch received the BS degree in Physics from Iowa State University and two masters degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering from the University of Southern California.