Robert E. Sharples, President, Sharples & Associates

   Mr. Sharples has over 40 years experience in the aerospace industry. He currently consults for a range of clients in the aerospace industry based on his seasoned insight into the management of large space programs. In his consulting company he has managed proposal activities for Northrop Grumman leading to the win of the Next Generation Webb Space Telescope and other awards. He completed initial management assignments at the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory (LRL) and is well respected for his contributions to a number of successful programs at Northrop Grumman during a long, successful career. Notable assignments at Northrop Grumman include the following:

Program Manager- ROCSAT-1: Acquired and managed the development of the first spacecraft for the Republic of China (Taiwan). This joint design and development program involved working with a team of Northrop Grumman and Taiwanese engineers in Northrop Grumman's Redondo Beach facility. The original contract expanded to nine contracts worth more than $70 million. ROCSAT-1 satellite was launched in January 1999.

Systems Engineering and Integration Manager, Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility (AXAF) Program: Management of the systems engineering and integration activities on a $1.4 billion spacecraft prime development contract. Emphasis was on the definition of requirements, assessment of compliance of designs to requirements, and oversight of verification and demonstration of finished hardware. AXAF was launched in July 1999.

Deputy Project Manager, Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO): Project involved manufacture, integration and test of the largest unmanned spacecraft ever built. Responsible for the startup of mechanical and electrical assembly of the spacecraft as the number two person on a 400+ person team. Supported GRO project manager in all aspects of the project, with emphasis on systems engineering, productivity, software and project management. GRO was placed in orbit in 1991 and has successfully operated ever since.

Northrop Grumman Site Manager- Kwajalein- Marshall Islands: Responsibilities included technical, schedule, cost performance of Northrop Grumman team of 25 professionals working on a very demanding classified project. Responsibilities also included administrative jurisdiction over more than 60 people (Northrop Grumman employees and dependents) including legal matters, medical and recreational travel, and all interfaces between Northrop Grumman personnel and the military, corporate and native populations.


1) Organized and led the instruction of 27 Taiwanese engineers at Northrop Grumman in all aspects of spacecraft design and development.

2) Taught physics at Cal State University at Long Beach as an adjunct professor.

3) Taught astronomy for the University of Hawaii branch on Kwajalein.

   Mr. Sharples has a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Cooper Union, New York City and post graduate degrees in Mathematics and Management from University of California, Berkeley and UCLA.