Charles E. Emmert, Senior Partner, The TA Group

   Mr. Emmert has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of telecommunications technology and its business applications. He is recognized as an industry leader. He has designed and specified more VSAT networks than anyone in the world. He was responsible for the in-orbit acceptance of the first Ku-band satellite commercial payload. He was responsible for the first U.S. domestic private data satellite network and responsible for engineering of the second U.S. domestic satellite network. He worked on the first U.S. domestic satellite high-speed digital data network and the first application of commercial television over satellite. Additionally, he has designed or been responsible for major satellite telecommunication networks worldwide.

   He has held senior engineering and management positions at Satellite Systems Engineering, Loral Aerospace, Satellite Business Systems, and American Satellite Company. His technical experience includes satellite systems engineering, data networking engineering, television, in-orbit testing of satellites and systems, and development of network design and evaluation tools. His business experience includes development and implementation of successful business and strategic plans, and process improvement development.
Mr. Emmert holds a BSEE (magna cum laude) from George Washington University and is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).